How to fix: “You are logged in from a region we do not allow someone to play from.”

“You are logged in from a region we do not allow someone to play from.”

If you look at the log files you can see, after you start the Launcher it will download an update in the background. Patience is a virtue.

01111241954 ERROR  ManifestComplete:patcher/
201111241954 INFO   Manifest: patcher, current=-1/upcoming=-1/required=23
201111241954 INFO   ManifestState=Download: patcher, current=-1/upcoming=-1/required=23
201111241954 INFO   Download:
201111241954 INFO   Download:

So just be patient, the launcher will restart automatically to finish the update. This is all being done in background so you won’t notice anything. You can check the log files

Josephus Problem Programm


Eine kleine Simulation des Josephus Problemes.

Programm braucht .NET 4.0 aber soweit man Vista+ installiert hat sollte dies kein Problem sein.

AnyDVD Trial Research

In this guide I am not going to show you how to reset the trial of AnyDVD but instead give you an insight on what techniques are being used to hide the trial information from the user.

The first file is stored simply inside a folder and protected by making it hidden and a system file. So in order to view it you have to enable “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide system protected files”. Deleting this file though will not result in a trial reset…which would have been too easy.

A parent-child system was created so if

Anonypwnies (Anonymous sub-group) hack GEMA

Long story short GEMA is responsible for that every video on YouTube is basically blocked in Germany because of copyright conflicts. Anonypwnies is a sub group of Anonymous. They copied a 350MB Database along with 500GB(!!!) worth of data. Database is downloadable on 😛

I just want to share this great photostory with you.