How to: VW RCD 200 MP3 CD Standart

Dieses Gerät ist sehr wählerich wenn es darum geht, MP3 CDs zu lesen. Daher muss folgender Standart eingehalten werden (in Nero kann man unter Daten CD (ISO) all diese Eigenschaften anpassen):

,,[…]dass unterstützte Medien CD-ROM, CD-R und CD-RW sind. Die CD muss im Standard ISO 9660 Level 2 sowie im Joliet-Dateisystem erstellt werden. Die maximale Dateianzahl je Medium beträgt 512(max. 355 in einem Verzeichnis). Die maximale Anzahl der Verzeichnisse beträgt 255 auf max. 8 Verzeichnisebenen. Dateinamen dürfen nicht länger als 64 Zeichen sein.

Ganz wichtig ist aber die Bitrate: Das Gerät unterstützt MP3 Dateien mit Bitraten von 64 bis 256

Custom Build Guitar 2×12 Stereo Cab

I am really fond of this project I finished. The goal was to build a 2×12 cabinet having a very natural look since I dislike the black Tolex around most cabs. Equipped with Eminence Legends it sounds awesome on my Engl.


I did not have the necessary tools to add a proper backplate so the wires are fitted inside. This is still a WIP though once

How to fix: Lightroom 4 – Crash on Import

After importing a file, Lightroom stops working. This might not be a solution for everyone but here are two things you can try:

1. Delete the Preference file located at

“%appdata%\Adobe\Lightroom\Preferences” (just enter this at Start->Run or WindowsKey+R)

or the long way:


2. Disconnect all USB Controllers. Lightroom disliked my connected Windows 8 Phone so go check those devices as well.

Beautymine – Map Converter

Nothing special, just the map converter written in C#. This map converter will read a world file and only extract and decompress the data I need into a single file.


New SSD…and some other stuff while at it

So yeah, I wanted a SSD, so while I was at that, I got myself a new case, a new CPU cooler, some more RAM:

Fractal Design Define R4 (I switched the side panels around, put some nice pictures and some programming cheat-sheets on it, looks like a fridge now)

Beautymine C++/DX

V1 has not even been released and was scrapped. This was the latest progress:

XNA/C# running quite smoothly but for some optimizations I am in need of DX10 so I moved to C++ and can proudly present an immense improvement:


How to fix: Windows Phone 8 Driver Not Found

So yeah this took me some time to figure out so here we go:



I am using Windows 7 64-bit.

Problem: Upon connecting the Windows 8 Phone, there are 2 drivers to be installed. One installs succesfully, the other one is left with a yellow exlamation mark in the Device Manager.

1. Get yourself the Windows Phone USB drivers e.g. from here

2. Unzip the folder.

3. Open the “WmZuneSerUSB.inf” file with Notepad/Editor.

4. Change the lines
%DeviceDesc% = WINMOBIL, USB\Vid_045E&PID_04EC&MI_01

%DeviceDesc% = WINMOBIL, USB\Vid_045E&PID_04EC&MI_01