30 thoughts on “Halo Universal AimBot

  1. Hey man i like the aimbot but i can never get the ping or the distance right

    Also i would like to know if you can make one for ai i play lots of ai maps without players and this wont work on them

  2. Unfortunately an error has occurred 🙁

    Running (NoCD Fix) v1.0.1.580 of the game. Trialling in campaign though, will test multi-player later (is this a multi-player only aim bot?).

    Error log below:
    16:27:56 : GUI Components Initialized
    16:27:56 : Init Memory System
    16:27:56 : Memory System Running
    16:27:56 : Halo Detected
    16:27:56 : Init Memory Management
    16:27:56 : Memory Management Init
    16:27:58 : PlayerListHeaderPtr = 0x0
    16:27:58 : PlayerListPtr = 0x34
    16:27:58 : ObjectListHeaderPtr = 0x851E50
    16:27:58 : ObjectListPtr = 0x400506E8
    16:27:58 : Aiming = 0x1C
    16:27:58 : Camera = 0x200
    16:27:58 : Camera = 0x200
    16:27:58 : Post this information on http://www.vivid-abstractions.net to resolve the problem!

    Apart from this, thanks. Hopefully it’ll end up working in the long run 🙂

    1. Looking at the log report, it does appear to be a multi-player only aim bot because when hooking into the executable requesting PlayerListHeaderPtr results in a pointer to a null location – is this where it’s failing? As I said, will test later on multi-player though 🙂

      Thanks 🙂

      1. You are correct. It is multiplayer only and that is why it doesn’t find the PlayerListHeaderPtr pointer.

        1. Unfortunately, I have tried multi-player and it still fails to retrieve the PlayerListHeaderPtr, resulting in a null termination 🙁 Version of the game :/

        2. Is it the fact that it’s because I’m using the “cracked” version because my disc is pretty much shot? :-/

            1. I thought that this was a ‘universal aimbot’ that ‘worked with all versions’ :-/ Ohh wells, thanks though.

    2. freddy if thats even your real name the point of the matter here is that your’e simply looking for a new way to cheat simple as that yet aimbots are suppose to help with players aiming it is used as a tool to ruin games if this was for testing purposes i understand but introducing this into a community like halo (and im not blaming this on the creator) becuase the community was already ruined by aimbots alone made from bitterbanana and stolen by odie3315 halo pcs has been reduced to a noobs game now. nice bot though i don’t need it seeing i don’t play halo no more guess my new halo disk will be catching disk.

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