60 thoughts on “Halo CE & PC Universal Aimbot Download (All Versions!)

  1. 13:46:14 : GUI Components Initialized
    13:46:14 : Init Memory System
    13:46:14 : Memory System Running
    13:46:14 : Halo Detected
    13:46:14 : Init Memory Management
    13:46:14 : Memory Management Init
    13:46:18 : PlayerListHeaderPtr = 0x87A480
    13:46:18 : PlayerListPtr = 0x402AAFC8
    13:46:18 : ObjectListHeaderPtr = 0x8603B0
    13:46:18 : ObjectListPtr = 0x400506E8
    13:46:18 : Aiming = 0x402AD4B8
    13:46:18 : Camera = 0x0
    13:46:18 : Camera = 0x0
    13:46:18 : Post this information on http://www.vivid-abstractions.net to resolve the problem!

  2. i think this gave me a virus my computer hasn’t bin doing so good after i downloaded it i get a ton of ad’s and programs auto installing its self with out me knowing, im still fighting trying to get rid of it, did this happen to anyone els

  3. When I try the aimbot……there is a long error saying as followed-

    20:24:54 : GUI Components Initialized
    20:24:54 : Init Memory System
    20:24:54 : Memory System Running
    20:24:54 : Halo Detected
    20:24:54 : Init Memory Management
    20:24:54 : Memory Management Init
    20:24:57 : PlayerListHeaderPtr = 0x87A480
    20:24:57 : PlayerListPtr = 0x402AAFC8
    20:24:57 : ObjectListHeaderPtr = 0x8603B0
    20:24:57 : ObjectListPtr = 0x400506E8
    20:24:57 : Aiming = 0x402AD4B8
    20:24:57 : Camera = 0x0
    20:24:57 : Camera = 0x0
    20:24:57 : Post this information on http://www.vivid-abstractions.net to resolve the problem!

  4. What application is needed to run the bot…
    I want to test it for a review but i can’t if it won’t open?

  5. i have a problem here it is :
    21:11:55 : GUI Components Initialized
    21:11:55 : Init Memory System
    21:11:55 : Memory System Running
    21:11:55 : Halo Detected
    21:11:55 : Init Memory Management
    21:11:55 : Memory Management Init
    21:11:59 : PlayerListHeaderPtr = 0x815920
    21:12:00 : PlayerListPtr = 0x402AAFC8
    21:12:00 : ObjectListHeaderPtr = 0x7FB710
    21:12:00 : ObjectListPtr = 0x400506E8
    21:12:00 : Aiming = 0x402AD4B8
    21:12:00 : Camera = 0x0
    21:12:00 : Camera = 0x0
    21:12:00 : Post this information on http://www.vivid-abstractions.net to resolve the problem!
    and when i start this it says memory not found

  6. It works fine for me after the website opens close it and then it should have something open just set the 2nd one to like 1000000 to have unlimited distance it could lock on. Also set the chest one to 0.61 that way it will only go for head shots. You should fix it to where it toggles because if the person moves to the side according to you it will be off until they stop.

  7. how about a 64x bit version ? everytime i try to open it, it says ” memory not found ” because i guess its only made for 32x bit windows

  8. guys go to my blogger page and i have the setting for the aimbot also Patrickssj6 Can i have a letter of permission to distrute this?

    Also would be awesome if you could add lock on for vehicles

  9. For the reason that the admin of this web site is working, no hesitation very shortly
    it will be well-known, due to its feature contents.

  10. 23:04:06 : GUI Components Initialized
    23:04:06 : Init Memory System
    23:04:06 : Memory System Running
    23:04:06 : Halo Detected
    23:04:06 : Init Memory Management
    23:04:06 : Memory Management Init
    23:04:09 : PlayerListHeaderPtr = 0x0
    23:04:09 : PlayerListPtr = 0x34
    23:04:09 : ObjectListHeaderPtr = 0x84F850
    23:04:09 : ObjectListPtr = 0x4BB206E8
    23:04:09 : Aiming = 0x4BD7D4B8
    23:04:09 : Camera = 0x6A3A78
    23:04:09 : Camera = 0x6A3A78
    23:04:09 : Post this information on http://www.vivid-abstractions.net to resolve the problem!

  11. Run halo first before the aimbot, if you get the memory error.

    its good if someone gave a description what what each setting does….

  12. Ping prediction didnt work on my Windows 7, Service Pack 2, using a full legal copy of Halo CE, playing on several servers with less then 100 ping. Without ping prediction, all shots will miss a moving target. No matter what setting the ping prediction was set to, it did not change where it was aiming. Also, at times it would stop working for a minute or two, and instead point you at the ground behind you regardless of your angle setting.

  13. okay it works perfectly, but after sometime i get “gathering exception data” and then halo crashes…

    Any solution?

      1. lol I’m vnlagrla1. I haven’t messed with aimbots since last fall when i made my own(shittiest aimbot ever) when i got it working i was too lazy to add features like aim at vehicles and other things. but I did add an aim for nade feature to pingo’s bot. I now help out at http://www.sherboxproductions.net/

  14. for those that know nothing:
    you have to open it and quit the browser AFTER opening halo. or after joining a server if it has antihacks hacks.
    if u don’t open it after opening halo it wont work.

    at the moment its is to awkward to use by the way

  15. it locks onto portals in blood gultch map. works fine in geryphobia (however you spell it) until it locks onto one portal shield, then it stops working and just focuses on the shield.
    works fine in the small circular map with the cross platform on top (forgot what its called)
    occasional network connection lost error upon opening it

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