14 thoughts on “Worms Reloaded CRC Patcher

  1. hey could you make a version of windows xp of this cause i cant use this patcher when i try to start the exe this what appears…Unable to find a version of the run time to run this application…please help i really need this…thank you…

    1. This is not possible for the cracked executable (it is structured differently). The game is only $20, no need to use a crack.

  2. I tryed your patch on newest version of repack, but having error “Signature not found. Are you sure you are patching the right executable?” I thnik it due cracked .exe.

  3. It works. Thanks.

    How version of game needs? On my version application writes “Signature not found. Are you sure you are patching the right executable?”. I’ll try instale newest version on Worms.

  4. 04.11.2010 22:11:39: Application Initialized
    04.11.2010 22:11:39: Trying to find Worms Reloaded
    04.11.2010 22:11:39: Worms Reloaded was not found. Please open manually!
    04.11.2010 22:11:42: I think I found Worms Reloaded!
    04.11.2010 22:11:42: D:\Games\Worms Reloaded\WormsReloaded.exe

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