4 thoughts on “Video Tutorial – Writing A Code Cave With A Toggle Switch

  1. OpenProcess is the direct API call. The other one references a C# class which wraps itself around OpenProcess (not sure here but something along theses lines).

  2. Just wondering, whats the difference between C# System.Diagnostics.Process::Handle, and OpenProcess? I’ve used both with Read/Write Process memory, and they both work fine.

  3. That looks great for button toggles. I’ve been trying to make a spawn monster button for lego rock raiders, though I dont know the parameters of the function or everything else that affects it. I was just hoping for something like void spawnmonster(), but oh well. I was using a asm test, but asm cmp looks much better, is there a difference?

    I know this is a noob question, but is the bytes that are on the left, the machine code, and the assembly is on the right?

    Again, thanks for the tutorial, knowledge is power to create awesome trainers 😉

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