Minecraft QuickTyper (Macro Manager / Keybinder)

This application lets you enter pre-defined commands for Minecraft which are activated in-game by a single press of a button. Very handy for Operators to spawn common weapons without typing everything in all the time. There is no game modification, essentially it is just a macro manager. You can also use this to spam the chat with custom messages, but this is not its primary purpose ๐Ÿ˜›


Minecraft QuickTyper (47359 downloads)

+Added support for profiles. All profiles are loaded from the “Profile.xml” file which must be in the same folder as the application. You can open the file with any text editor and modify the different profiles to your liking.

+Increased text speed. If this is too fast for some reason, please report!

+New Minecraft detection method. Please report on this!
+After pressing the chat key, the commands are disabled until you press Enter/Escape (sending/deleting the chat) or take longer than 15 seconds to write your message. This avoids activating commands that are assigned to a number/letter.

+Requests running as admin because it is required

+Updated timings to work with 1.8.*

+Fixed the “Enter key as a chat key” issue…again :S

+Fixed keys being disabled after restarting
+Added a new icon
+Added an installer

+Fixed chat key not being assigned correctly (Thanks to Cubie)
+Added delay to avoid duplicated commands

v1.5.2 (Thanks to Cubie)
+Increased button width allowing more text
+Global keys re-enable again when pressing “Stop”

+Some bug fixes with the disabling of the global keys

+Globals keys are disabled. No more “0/home” or “1/give …”

+Enter (Return) key can now be used as the chat key
+UI correctly locking after starting

+Secret key combination removed

+Custom shortcut keys added

+”NAME” syntax added
+”ENTER” syntax added
+Multiple commands can be assigned to one key
+Secret key combination added that spawns all items ๐Ÿ˜› (2 keys, last one is the first one in the alphabet)

+Critical bug was fixed
+Correctly shutting down now

Syntax System
Since v1.2 a syntax system has been added. In every command the %NAME% keyword will be replaced with the in-game name specified on the top. The %ENTER% keyword will trigger the Enter key so that the command gets executed. If you hover with your mouse over the text box, you can see the command without the keywords.

Assign Shortcut Keys
Since v1.3 you can assign custom shortcut keys for commands. Just click on the button next to the command and a “?” will appear. Press the custom shortcut key on your keyboard and it should accept and display the new shortcut key.

292 thoughts on “Minecraft QuickTyper (Macro Manager / Keybinder)

  1. Hi,
    first its a nice tool you made here, but i have some problems with it. As soon as i enter fullscreen it stopps working, if i go out of full screen it still doesent work until i stopped QT and hit again the run button. Any idea why?


  2. Would be nice if you added a commands list for all the macro commands like %enter% and %name%. In the website description area.

  3. Hey this is a great app but i was wondering when i close the app and re-open the data i have entered is deleted why is that?

  4. Thanks, good work, but it could be better, if there would be an option to add enter on the end of script…

    I mean something like “/give bla bla [enter]” od “Blah blah, hello [enter]” – for automatic message sending. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. is it possible that you can make rapid fore macros lik so i could throw a ton of snow balls or place blocks really quick

    1. It would be possible but I cannot do it because I don’t own a Mac nor have I ever done Mac programming. Sry :/

  6. Thank you for making this. Very helpful for PvP on my server.
    It lets me quickly mobdisguise, kill my target, unmobdisguise to pick up the loot, port to the spawn (which is PvP disabled) so I can safely port home (5sec cast time) and store my spoils of war in a nice locked chest then port back out to the battlefield.

  7. I installed the latest version (1.6) And when I try to use it in minecraft nothing happens but some times if I press the key on the numpad and the enter key (Enter is my chat key) I can make out in the window that it is typing it but it always goes to fast for me to use it ๐Ÿ™

  8. I spent about 30 minutes trying to get this to work and it would never work. I always run all my “give” commands through the console (running my own server). Since this app works through the chat command it would just type the command but give no result.

    Fix: add yourself to the op list dummy lol….

  9. Hello, can you add Key Support for Gamingkeyboards od logitech ? E.G: G19/15 and so on…

    Hi, ich mein du sprichst auch deutsch, deswegen nochmal in deutsch xD:
    Kannst du vll Noch tasten fรผr G19/15 usw unterstรผtzen ??
    wรคre echt nett, da ich mir die jetzt holen will und man ja die vielen Gt-asten hat.

    Thy Shynthoras

    my Bukkit 24/7 Server:
    HP: http://bitcrafting.bi.funpic.de/
    IP: bitcrafting.nitrado.net
    Multilanguage: DE/US/EN/FR/etc

  10. Cant you make it that det quick typer stops to work when you have pressed the chat key, and start again when you have sent your msg. Because I have /spawn bound to “h”, and every time I’m gonna write a word with “h” in it, it starts the macro.

  11. I do not know how to work with RAR files, is there any way you could change it to a EXE. or something like that.

  12. Your app (1.5.6) doesn’t work very well with Minecraft 1.8: For example if I write “/ Give% NAME%”, most of the time it writes only half of the text.
    Moreover if the app is not running in administrator mode, it no longer works ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks for the information on the admin part. Since 1.8 Minecraft became very picky about the text, I may have to add some adjustment features. Also make sure there is not space between % and NAME% like in your example.

  13. Whenever I run it (even just keeping the usual settings that it comes with by default) it won’t type anything when I press the numpad buttons. Ive tried playing around with some things, but nothing. 1.8.1 ruin it? :L

        1. I ran it as admin and got it to work. Once. Now its giving me the error said a few posts ago about not being able to find Minecraft when I clearly have it running. Pain in the neck >.<

            1. Yeah… it seems to work for me on and off… I’ve gotten it to work about 2 times since I posted, but have NOT gotten it to work about 20 :L

  14. Sometimes it types a bit too quickly and it makes typos and skips stuff. Is it possible you slow the typing down just a bit.

      1. Yeah, basically that. Also, sometimes it gets the wrong letters, and occasionally it misses half the sentence. :S

  15. So, it works fine for me…for the most part. My chat key is bound in-game to the “ENTER” key, and this will not allow me to use “ENTER” as the chat key. Any Ideas or is this a bug, or perhaps something we will need to live with?

            1. Oh ya, im intrested in learning how to program with computer code and such, where is a good place for me to get started? I can run a server, so im not COMPLETELY a noob at it.

              Someone told me to start at “Python” Do you agree?

              (please keep in mind im only 15)

              Thanks man!

                    1. Random question, would i be able to write Minecraft hacking clients with c#? (like, flying, xray, ect)

                  1. Those are mods. Minecraft is a little bit different from other games…for other games you can use C# to hack them. In Minecraft you have to use Java to write Mods…but you could write extension applications like this one in C#.

  16. It says “Cant find minecraft window, do you have it running?” but im running minecraft. Also, why do we need to enter our username?

    1. Do you have any mods installed or modified Minecraft in any way?

      The %NAME% syntax is replaced by the username you enter.

      1. Like, im a server owner. How would i get it to say “THE SERVER IS NOW RESTARTING” 100 times nonestop (so that ppl get the message)

        1. Try it with a vanilla version of Minecraft (no mods) and try again.

          This is targeted at clients not at the server app. I can certainly make a server app though.

          1. Okay, i completely delete my .minecraft folder and reloaded a new one. i still keep getting the same error. It doesnt think that the minecraft window is open. Or it cant find it. Like, maybe im using it wrong. Could you give me step by step insturstions on hwo i would make it say “Hello” 100 times. If i can get that to work, i can prob solve it from there.

            (thanks for all your help BTW)

            1. Run the game first. Go inside a server and then run the app. Configure the way you want it and hit start (the defaults should be fine).

              You could also try to run it administrator by right-click -> run as admin. What Anti-Virus software do you have running?

                1. No I am just asking. After my instructions it still doesn’t work? What’s the window called? “Minecraft”?

    1. now everytime I try to hit ‘Open’, it says something about an “Invalid or corrupt jar file” or something like that. :/
      Please help asap

          1. You misunderstood me. I wasnt trying to say there was something wrong with the RAR file… I was asking how I should go about opening it because my ignorance is keeping me from accessing it, and I would really love to be able to use this.

  17. a menu pop up unhandled excpetion has accurred in you application. wtf??? why isnt it working?? frustrating -.-

  18. *v1.4.2
    +Enter (Return) key can now be used as the chat key*
    I can change the chatkey to a lot of keys, but when ever i attempt to set “enter” as the chat key, it will not respond. I use enter in all my other games as chat key, so changing it to something else in minecraft would just cause missclicks for me :/

  19. Thanks for the fast reaction.
    Unfortunately, now the Typer behaves weird.
    By hitting one of the buttons with a command assigned to it, it seems like the program sends the command to Minecraft without opening the chat window first. (yes, the chat button is assigned correctly)
    If I use the command /thru%ENTER% (which has 2x “t” in it) for example, my char drops 2 of the items currently in hand. Obviously because the “Drop”-action is assigned to the “t” key.

    The re-enabling of global keys know works as intended, but you must have changed something with the chat button unintendedly by fixing the two stated problems from 1.5.1.
    Please have a look into this.
    I love this tool. Especcialy as an admin its really really handy to quickly perform WorldEdit-Commands and such. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I was able to reproduce the problem but only when I change the chat key and press “Shift + MyChatKey”…without Shift it still worked. Gonna try to fix this as well thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Alright it was a bug which existed already all the time. Thanks for informing me again! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. This is a very handy tool. *thumbs up*
    But I expierienced 2 problems:
    First, if I hit the “STOP”-button, the program still hooks in the system, so it’s impossible to use assigned keys in other windows until I close the whole program.
    And second, the buttons displaying the assigned keys on the left are too small for showing the whole name of “NumPad”-keys. It only shows “Numpad” if one of these buttons is chosen, but the 1,2,3,+ and so on gets cut of.
    So I can’t see which button of the numpad was assigned to which command.

    I’m shure this are only minor changes to be made, so I’m looking forward to seeing a improved version soon.

    Greets, Cubie.

        1. I could probably make one…depends on what you need and how many people would use this ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. I lick this program, Very nice and i haven’t had a problem with it. I’ve recommended it to most of my minecraft friend. But only problem is that it not set up to run in Linux.

    I’m very experienced in Linux and i would like to now if i could get the source code so i can make it work under any Linux distribution and possible Mac.

        1. Yes i have used Mono and I tested the QuickTyper with Mono in Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Fedora. But Mono still has so problems, most of my friends and me on my rpg server run low end computers which Mono seems to have a problem running with minecraft’s newer updates and likes to cause it to be unresponsive or crash.

          1. Well I am not very fond of giving out this source…the thing is it’s not portable and if you can port it then you should be able to write it yourself because this code has nothing special about it. I can help you if you have questions.

  22. Ok … so this was working for me for about 5 minutes … now when i try to use it, it says … Window name “Minecraft” not found. Are you sure you are running the game. So it worked for like 5-10 minutes … not its not working.

    1. Did you change anything in Minecraft? Did you change the window name in the application (maybe added a space?)

    1. Launch Minecraft, go into a server, launch the app, configure the app, hit start and you are done ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. Well you could assign it to a non typing key like caps lock or you have to press the key quicker.

  24. I love the program but there’s about a chance that the command doesn’t work.

    For example i have “/time set 1%ENTER” as my number pad 1 command but every few times i try it the command in game comes out as “1/time set 1” or “/time set 11” and it happens quite often. Anything i can do to fix it?

  25. Hey this app rocks, but im having a problem with when i hit my hotkey 0 to /home, occasionally it adds a 0 to the front of the line. Any solutions?

    1. Sorry there is nothing I can do about that. It happens to me occasionally. Have you tried hitting your key a little bit faster? Otherwise you have to put it on a non-typing key like “Tab”. Thanks for the comment!

    1. %CHATKEY% = %ENTER%…I might change the name though.
      You can have multiple commands already…
      Saving to a file might be a feature I could add.

      1. I mean that you could make a nice keybinder app for Minecraft out of this, not just chat spammer.

        Still i can type “%ENTER%3” for example and bind it to some key I need (let’s say it’s “F” key). But then i can’t type in chat with that key – it press will press f %ENTER% 3. Can you pls add a chat state tracker?

        1. This is a keybinder app….

          A chat state tracker requires memory reading…which is unstable and has to be updated every version…not to mention this is java which makes this even more difficult. It’s much easier to just assign those keys to unused keys…or I can add a turn off/ turn on key.

    1. It works for about 5000 people…so either you describe me what’s wrong or you are on your own.

      1. Please do! Due to my video chipset on my laptop, I can’t play MC in the .exe, only on the browser… T_T

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