Minecraft QuickTyper (Macro Manager / Keybinder)

This application lets you enter pre-defined commands for Minecraft which are activated in-game by a single press of a button. Very handy for Operators to spawn common weapons without typing everything in all the time. There is no game modification, essentially it is just a macro manager. You can also use this to spam the chat with custom messages, but this is not its primary purpose 😛


Minecraft QuickTyper (47240 downloads)

+Added support for profiles. All profiles are loaded from the “Profile.xml” file which must be in the same folder as the application. You can open the file with any text editor and modify the different profiles to your liking.

+Increased text speed. If this is too fast for some reason, please report!

+New Minecraft detection method. Please report on this!
+After pressing the chat key, the commands are disabled until you press Enter/Escape (sending/deleting the chat) or take longer than 15 seconds to write your message. This avoids activating commands that are assigned to a number/letter.

+Requests running as admin because it is required

+Updated timings to work with 1.8.*

+Fixed the “Enter key as a chat key” issue…again :S

+Fixed keys being disabled after restarting
+Added a new icon
+Added an installer

+Fixed chat key not being assigned correctly (Thanks to Cubie)
+Added delay to avoid duplicated commands

v1.5.2 (Thanks to Cubie)
+Increased button width allowing more text
+Global keys re-enable again when pressing “Stop”

+Some bug fixes with the disabling of the global keys

+Globals keys are disabled. No more “0/home” or “1/give …”

+Enter (Return) key can now be used as the chat key
+UI correctly locking after starting

+Secret key combination removed

+Custom shortcut keys added

+”NAME” syntax added
+”ENTER” syntax added
+Multiple commands can be assigned to one key
+Secret key combination added that spawns all items 😛 (2 keys, last one is the first one in the alphabet)

+Critical bug was fixed
+Correctly shutting down now

Syntax System
Since v1.2 a syntax system has been added. In every command the %NAME% keyword will be replaced with the in-game name specified on the top. The %ENTER% keyword will trigger the Enter key so that the command gets executed. If you hover with your mouse over the text box, you can see the command without the keywords.

Assign Shortcut Keys
Since v1.3 you can assign custom shortcut keys for commands. Just click on the button next to the command and a “?” will appear. Press the custom shortcut key on your keyboard and it should accept and display the new shortcut key.

292 thoughts on “Minecraft QuickTyper (Macro Manager / Keybinder)

  1. Hi Patrick!

    im about to develop my own program – is it possible that i could see some of your code for the program you made?
    – im trying to send inputs to the minecraft application – but it wont receive it..

  2. This would be so much better if you could set enter and the chat key…or am i missin somethin cuz it wont set enter for me…

  3. This is AWESOME! 😀
    Thanks for making this! All I had to do was install a program that could read .rar files. Very simple to use, my only critique is that this post doesn’t explain how it works or provide instructions on how to fill in the command fields. But it was easy to figure out.
    Thank you so very much!

    The Always Kool,

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! Most people have the program that opens .rar files already installed. Glad you figured everything out =)

  4. sorry if i seem angry but i love this program and yet its driving me up the walls. sometimes it works other times it gives me this error “Window name “Minecraft” cannot be found. are you sure you are running the game?” you said it was fixed and i dont wanna seem ungrateful cuz its a great program but its just so unreliable. ive tried restarting minecraft and quicktyper but nothing. plz help = /

    1. I cannot reproduce the problem so it is hard to find out what’s wrong. Are you running as admin? Is something like an AV blocking it?

  5. so my minecraft name is daveo, but when i have your program running anytime i type”space d a v” as in /give daveo 24 64 or so really fast i spawn every item… i’m sure you can see how this would be a problem for me and anyone else named dave that types relatively quickly… i love your program but it’s very inconvenient to have to disable it any time that i want to do anything other than my most used commands.

  6. :/ The secret combo prevents my friend from using this tool. If you are going to add super annoying “secrets” at least have a way to turn them off please.

  7. Is it possible to add a countdown that plays a sound when it reaches 0?
    This might be handy for those commands you can only do once every few minutes.

      1. For instance on ultimateminecraft.net we can do /kit torch which gives a torch, or /kit irontools which gives irontools (to donating members only). There’s a cooldown for these commands, and it’s very handy while mining to have a little reminder that there is a new free tool available.

        I’m sure there are other mods that only allow players to only use them once in a while. A countdown and sound would allow us to make optimal use of these things. 🙂

        1. I would be willing to include this feature if this was requested by more people. =)

          Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. hey how do you get it to work in fullscreen? when i put minecraft in fullscreen it won’t work. I have a dell inspiron 546 with an AMD athlon II X4 630 Processor 2.80 GHz 4 cores and an ATI Radeon HD 3200 grphics card.

  9. Hi Patrick, I’m running it on 64bit Windows 7 and your app keeps saying it can’t find the Minecraft window (even though it’s there and running) – any ideas?


    1. What’s your window title? “Minecraft”? Try running it as administrator (right-click -> run as admin).

  10. At times, I find it glitches and double posts, or causes me to strafe until I hit the bind key again to stop it.

  11. Listen, I really would love to get rid of that “magic combination” because I type too quickly to avoid using this feature. (even now it happened) Than I have to pause the game really quick, stop/restart the program and go to lava to destroy all whit that I have in the inventory.

      1. And mind I ask when is it? I assume when the newer version of the game comes right? BTW very helpful soft. thanks 🙂

        1. Usually a newer version of the game does not require me to upgrade the app. I do an update once in a while if many new features are requested. Thanks 🙂

  12. Hey I found this program useful, but I really would like it if I could map the chat key to Enter/Return, since thats my minecraft configuration. Other than that, its great

  13. Just tried your ver. 1.3 – this is working with client ver. 1.3.1 (not tried with ver 1.4 yet. Your previous version which I tried – 1.2.1, gave me a load of ‘t’s in the chat window that I couldn’t get rid of no matter what I did, it was like I was pressing the letter ‘t’ non-stop.
    Nice update ……… and great to have it working. …… many thanks ………

  14. This would be exactly what I’ve been looking for… if I had a number pad on my computer. Custom keys or just an alternate set as well as the default would be wonderful.

  15. Rather interesting bug I’ve been getting off and on:
    Start up Minecraft, Open quicktyper, Start it, and get this error: “Window Name “Minecraft” cannot be found. Are you sure you are running the game?”

    1. You just get it occasionally? If you do it in that order it should work just fine unless you changed the Window Title of the game.

          1. No, it’s not cracked. The .exe name is minecraft.exe.
            It worked fine after a couple of runs, then it’s stopped working. Where does it store the settings? Maybe add a clear settings/cache button or something like that. It might help if it can’t find the window.

            1. If you close Minecraft and re-open it, you should re-open the application as well. Thanks on the information though I’ll look into this.

  16. Be better if it didn’t just use the numbpad. My laptop needs a key pressed to use it’s numbpad, though the paint on the keys has worn off from normal typing and there not engraved, so my numbpad has sorta become lost.

      1. I also support the idea of custom keys as I use a compact keyboard that has no numpad.
        How about Ctrl-C instead of T//copy?
        But what would help me more than all this would be a command history. Disk based like on linux systems, where all the commands are written to a file and then up arrow works even after a reboot.
        Also being able to edit a command and not just delete it with the backspace.

        1. CTRL would be an option.

          I cannot implement the second request; I could if this program would now have been written in Java. It’s up to the Devs to implement that.

  17. this is an awesome program, but did u ever think that it could be used for other things besides minecraft?
    oh yea, and whats the secret combo, i really want to know, please!

    1. Other things besides Minecraft? Like what?

      On the top right of this page the two letters appear in the YouTube Subscribe box.

  18. Nice utility, can be really useful in different situations. For example I added a “panic key” which executes /spawn as soon as I hit zero on the numpad.

    If (VKeyboard.CheckKeyDown(Keys.*cough*) AndAlso VKeyboard.CheckKeyDown(Keys.*cough*)) Then …
    Yes, I was to lazy to check all possibilities. 😀

    1. Did you take a look at my code? I guess next time I will obfuscate it then 😛 Nah I have no problems with people viewing it.

  19. This sounds interesting. It is possible to have multiple commands to one key?
    Numpad key 9: /give 1 64; /give 5 64
    Which gives you 64 stone and planks. In the video it appears you have bound all your keyboard keys to every single item. Even thought it’s completely different things.

    1. Right now it is not possible but it would be possible to implement that. The thing you see in the video is not possible right now either but I have some features planned. Stay tunned!

  20. könnte es sein, dass das ganze nur für Multiplayer geht?
    Wollte es für Singleplayer Commands benutzen =S
    (hab vista64, legale & aktuellste version von mc)

    1. Geht nur für Multiplayer. Das ganze ist nur für “Operators” in Multiplayer gedacht. Kannst dir ja aber lokal einen Server machen und dann hast du ja quasi auch Singleplayer 😉

    1. Ich könnte mods erstellen wenn ich mich reinarbeiten würde aber so wie das Spiel gerade geschrieben ist, warte ich doch noch lieber. Danke für deine Hilfe!

  21. I had those errors in the beginning as well. I check my code and report back. Don’t worry about spamming I am glad that you are tying to help!

    1. I have a computer running a server and I play offline with two others at the least most of the time. I have to run a command to assign myself as a different player other than “player” so I can play without booting anyone or getting booted because we’re both named Player. After I run the line: java -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -cp “%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\*” -Djava.library.path=”%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\natives” net.minecraft.client.Minecraft “yournamegoeshere” it won’t let me use QuickTyper (Can’t find Minecraft window, ect.). When I’m playing by myself as “Player” it’s just fine. Just wondering if I’ll ever be able to use QuickType in an offline environment with others playing as well.

  22. I just realized something (sorry for spaming)
    another error happened just now, it turned on 3:de person view. thats F5 and fullscreen is F11. Is it possible that the commands from QuickTyper somehow translates in to F(whatever) commands?

  23. i tested some stuff.. and simple comands like “hello there” works but not things like “/tp player player”. I tried without “/” in the beginning of commands but the same thing happens. It makes no differences witch numpad key you use.

  24. The guy before you had exactly the same problem. I cannot tell really what the problem is or why it is maximizing the window in the first place.

  25. i cant get it to work.
    when i hit one of the numpad buttons it first minimizes minecraft and then puts it on fullscreean and id dose not give the command.
    I use Win7 64bit and the latest legal version 1.2_02

  26. Das ist echt komisch tut mir leid :/ Kannste mir vllt mal deinen ordner schicken (ohne Welt damit es kleiner ist)?

  27. Ok Ich benutze win7 64 Bit ultimate. Spiel ist Orginal gekauft version Beta 1.2_02 Das Tool lässt sich Starten und auch die befehle kann ich ändern nur wenn ich zurück ins spiel wechsel und eine num taste Drücke dann maximiert er das spiel auf fullscreen aber der befehl wie im video wird nicht im spiel ausgeeben allso das was im tool eingetragen worden ist.
    Woran kan das den liegen.???

    1. Also ich habe die gleiche Konfiguration wie du. 1. Hast du “Num Lock” an? 2. Hast du die Chat-Taste im Spiel geändert? Läuft das Programm unter Administrationsrechten?

      Es ist echt komisch das er das Spiel maximiert.

    1. What language do you usually speak? I can speak German, Spanish, English…little bit of French / Portuguese. I am using this tool under Win7 64-bit and it works. What version of Minecraft are you running?

  28. i cant get it to work.
    lol. does it lauch via the quicktyper (i mean does minecraft lauch via quicktyper) or does minecraft have to be runing?

    1. You can launch either one first but make sure Minecraft is running. Press the “Start” Button at the bottom and go. What OS are you running? What version of the game? The legal or illegal one?

  29. You need to allow the change of the input keys. Using the number pad is nice but not very nice if you have a laptop. It would be good for use of the number keys, F1-F12 keys, Home PageUp etc. Nice tho.

    1. That’s true but the problem is you cannot use any keys which input something into the chat window. Which keys would you like to have (considering the previous statement)?

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