Vivid 360 Released!

Another project after Halo Solstice is this nifty app I call Vivid 360. What it does basically is let you choose a center point and set the radius and it will make a 360 circle around it. Nifty for video projects and 360° panorama pictures!

Vivid 360 cannot just do a 360° fly-around but also turn itself in the same angle at a precise spot 360° at a specific rate. Perfect for making 360° Images or Panorama Images!

Bloodgulch Panorama Picture

Vivid 360 (Halo Custom Edition 1.08) (1454 downloads)
Vivid 360 (Halo Custom Edition 1.09) (1320 downloads)

Panorama Creation
I use Vivid 360 in synchronization with Fraps to capture the images. Fraps has a feature to capture images in a certain invterval. If you set the interval the same as the one from Vivid 360, it will turn the camera and capture the image automatically.


Afterwards I use AutoStitch to stitch my images together.

8 thoughts on “Vivid 360 Released!

    1. Done. Also updated Halo Solstice which you might want to use to modify the FoV and read the post about using Fraps to make life easier.

    1. Actually I thought about doing this just yesterday. I’ll get started on it, cannot guarantee anything though.

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