Project: Unify Halo Custom Edition

The Problem
The most common problem in Halo Custom Edition is that there are players playing on two big versions (v1.00 and v1.09). The latest version has fixed several exploits (mostly DoS) but the only crack that exists is for version v1.00. After v1.08, SafeDisc was stripped from the original executable and thus a CD is not required anymore. Still the majority of pirates are still playing servers on v1.00.

Our Goal
Our goal was to unify both versions into one by having the Halo Custom Edition Dedicated Servers appear on both server lists (v1.00 and v1.09). This is done by having the server switch every interval its own version and afterwards sends the information to GameSpy. It might be for a short period of time that the server will not appear on one of the lists. Our tests have shown though that this small sacrifice still leads to a higher player count inside the server.

Modacity is running 4 servers with this server version. Click here if you want to find out more!
-Removed the 1.08 version and made the 1.09 version fully SAPP compatible

Unify Halo Custom Edition (2116 downloads)
Some people are experiencing problems. We are unable to reproduce the problems thus we cannot make sure it is a problem on our side. Run the server for some time and see how it works out for you.


39 thoughts on “Project: Unify Halo Custom Edition

  1. @ . This is done by having the server switch every interval its own version and afterwards sends the information to GameSpy.

    How long is the interval?
    Sehe is trying to make something like this for sapp which should be more stable, but as you already experimented with finding the optimal value id like to know it.

        1. I remember that Skyline told me I hooked at the wrong position…or something along those lines. The time is obviously there in the picture…so you could look it up what I have in the release version.

          In the picture is says 2710h which is 10000d which equals 10 seconds.

  2. Hey I was wanting to know is there any application that will protect Halo Custom Edition 1.09 servers from being ddos. Just wondering. Also what happen to the vivid abstractions website where I could log on πŸ˜› guess it changed lol

    1. The website is like this for over 2 years I think πŸ˜› DDOS is always somewhat a problem…I don’t know how much there can be done.

    1. I sent it to Kaspersky, they report it is a FALSE positive and will be corrected in their next update.

  3. I have to say that this is a awesome. My only question is if you will release this server so that I can set up a Ded with it. Thanks a ton.

    1. I contacted Patrick on the modacity forums, this is what he wrote back:

      Sorry but I am very busy latetly. I don’t have the time to find the problem because I am now very sure that it’s gamespy and not us. Wait for OS which will have this feature implemementeed (i passed this information to KOrn)…maybe then it’ll work.

      Sorry again. I was hoping for this to work properly.

  4. Are there any updates? I have read all topics relating to this and cant find a place to download the executable. I might be blind though.

  5. also I got another bug, when you get list and the server is on version 1.09 and the server switches a few seconds later to 1.0 and you join at that moment then you get a message your client is newer then the server.

  6. hmm I did notice the servers crashed a few times, windows error reporting came up and said the program closed, but it did that before this patch as well…

    anyway to completely disable error reporting on windows server 2003, so that if the server crashes it immediately gets closed without user intervention.

    cause I use serverdoc to get the servers back to work, but that only works if it notices the program has closed…

  7. Don’t use this right now. We have found some problems which are really weird with this and are trying to fix it.

    It is normal that it switches lists since GameSpy accepts only one server being on one of them.

  8. cool, XG servers are also using this now.

    just wondering, with using sapp and forcing servers on 1.0 caused lots of weird crashes on those 1.0 servers, but 1.09 servers where running fine.

    did your tool fix this?

    also sometimes the server only shows up in one of the lists, and if you try a few seconds later they show up in both again.

  9. Nice job I’m learning C++ the first thing I am going to make is an undetectable aim-bot (If possible).
    I am obviously not going to release it to public. The way it would work is… like Jesusfreak said “snaps” this app wouldn’t snap it would move slowly instead of “snapping”

  10. Well yeah the snapping is a give away so that might be a way but never will be 100%. But you gave me some motivation to work on something πŸ˜€

  11. Measure the average speed of a mouse in milliseconds. Then make an algorithm to measure how fast the coordinates change. Ex: if the y axis of a player changes from say 3 to 20 in less than 80 Milliseconds then they player may be botting. Like how players use sightjacker to see if that person “snaps” in a direction.

  12. what if you based it off of the average speed of the mouse, and test the cordinates of the player to see if they moved faster than that speed?

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