12 thoughts on “Blue Arrow V2 Version 1.09 Added!

  1. Oh Too bad,and seems to be expert at your job noone else cant do better then yourself,I have very long time to see such amazing work complete successful what i mean is:I have used b4 cheats but not actually like cheats…Is more like helping u defeat People that using actually cheats…Well i cant explain it better then what im trying to give u to understand…..For example to defeat an aimbot u need to be patiente waiting for the perfect moment to come where you are let him be the victum instead of u trying to hunt him down,Which is impossible cz he knows every move u make before u even make it,but if you sneak he wont be expected…..Well i know its confusing….And might sound to your ears CRAZY!….but once u get to the idea of what im saying u might like it ….Well Wish someone like ur skills could make blue arrow v3 for 1.0.10 update for halo custom edition…But noone else cant You are unique!

  2. While im using texmods i want to use blue arrow,Since is no longer supported by 1.0.10 is unsuported,Please dude,I want this so badly one of the greatest cheats i ever use nothing else i dont wish to have except it…

  3. Man please can you make blue arrow again but for 1.0.10 version Update please!!!!! Thanks! e-mail me if u find the change i would gladly hear you out,cant wait!

  4. Same Q here how to use it ?
    run halo and then run the blue arrow v2 ?
    Dont work is there a key i have to press or somthing ?

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