How to: Behringer FCB1010 Expression Pedals not Working even after Calibration

First of all you should try to calibrate your Expression Pedals. Already during calibration I noticed, that my Expression Pedals barely changed or did not change the values at all for about 40% of the way. So then I tried a suggestion by orb451 and checked the sensor and the corresponding LED. To do that you need to follow these simple steps. Notice: I do not take any responsibility for any damage at all.


1. We need to open up our Board by unscrewing these 16 screws. Notice that some are longer than others, just keep that in mind when reassembling the unit.


2. Flip over the metal cover carefully. The ground wire is attached to it. You will then see the 2 sensor units. For each, remove the two screws to free the units.


3.  As you can see my sensor and my LEDs were bent slightly. Just apply a bit of pressure to realign them correctly.

BehringerFCB1010-4 BehringerFCB1010-34. Aligned properly



5. Now put everything back together. If you want to know how this system works: The LED sends out light through a semi permeable plastic. Depending on the position of the expression pedal this light intensity is picked up differently by the sensor because the plastic has a gradient on it which blocks light. Depending on the position of the expression pedal and thus the position of the plastic, more or less light is being let through and picked up by the sensor.



This might fix the problem for you. Unfortunatly it did not fix it for me and I had to return the unit.

4 thoughts on “How to: Behringer FCB1010 Expression Pedals not Working even after Calibration

  1. The plastic gradient strip that passes through the light and receiver snapped in half after it was crumpled underneath the pedal… I can’t find a source to supply this part… Is this a common part? What is its technical name? Do you know who supplies these type of parts?

  2. Perfect – this fixed my problems, I was searching for a long time on the wrong place.
    A lot of screws, but easy to fix.
    I guess this is the result of production in China.

    Important: the Pedals have to be calibrated afterwards!

  3. one of my pedals crack, or click, when I push it down, it is button # 9, how do I remove it to
    see what is causing the obstruction, feels like a broken piece of plastic or something?

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