Worms Reloaded Message Editor

This tool allows you to modify your Enter-Lobby-Message. Default it is “has entered the Lobby” and can be changed to anything within the limits.


Worms Reloaded – Messages

This is the proof that whole messages are being send. I might write a program to modify those messages so everyone can has his/her own message. Instead of “Has entered the lobby” or in my case “Ist der Lobby beigetreten” it displays that message instead.


Worms Reloaded – Filter List?

I sincerely hope this serves the chat filter otherwise Team17 must have a lot of free time on their hands. This was found inside the WormsReloaded executable.

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Halo CE External Score Display

This is a project by StaticChanger in which he incorporates an application that reads the kill count from the game and displays it via the COM port to a custom external score display.

Halo PC 1.09 Gravity Gun V3 Preview

Yeah…you’ve seen this probably a thousand times but here is my/our final version. Works for 1.09 Halo PC, SP and MP on all objects.

I wrote it in C# and Brandon is converting it to a C++/DLL which will then be released soon.

Here a small preview…