Project: Unify Halo Custom Edition

The Problem
The most common problem in Halo Custom Edition is that there are players playing on two big versions (v1.00 and v1.09). The latest version has fixed several exploits (mostly DoS) but the only crack that exists is for version v1.00. After v1.08, SafeDisc was stripped from the original executable and thus a CD is not required anymore. Still the majority of pirates are still playing servers on v1.00.

Our Goal
Our goal was to unify both versions into one by having the Halo Custom Edition Dedicated Servers appear on both server lists (v1.00 and v1.09). This

Halo CE External Score Display

This is a project by StaticChanger in which he incorporates an application that reads the kill count from the game and displays it via the COM port to a custom external score display.

Halo PC 1.09 Gravity Gun V3 Preview

Yeah…you’ve seen this probably a thousand times but here is my/our final version. Works for 1.09 Halo PC, SP and MP on all objects.

I wrote it in C# and Brandon is converting it to a C++/DLL which will then be released soon.

Here a small preview…


Vivid 360 Released!

Another project after Halo Solstice is this nifty app I call Vivid 360. What it does basically is let you choose a center point and set the radius and it will make a 360 circle around it. Nifty for video projects and 360° panorama pictures!

Vivid 360 cannot just do a 360° fly-around but also turn itself in the same angle at a precise spot 360° at a specific rate. Perfect for making 360° Images or Panorama Images!

Bloodgulch Panorama Picture

Panorama Creation
I use Vivid 360 in synchronization with Fraps to capture the images. Fraps has a

Halo Solstice 1.08 V2.1

V2.1 Updates:
…variable countdown
…sets camera from the beginning to the right position
…custom filetype filter
…”go to last point” button added
…added tool tip information (hover with your mouse of textboxes)

Halo Solstice 2.1