How to: Disable UAC (User Accesss Control)

It is basically the same as in Vista but this time Windows 7 has a GUI for it to make things easier and for a higher level of control.

Press WindowsKey + R (or go to Start->Run) and type in “msconfig” (without quotes). Hit Enter.


Go to the Tools Tab, choose “Change UAC Settings” and hit Start.



How To: Filter Specific File Types Inside The Explorer Window

Everyone knows this scenario: You want to open a file in the File Browser Dialog but the filter is set for a variety of filetypes (e.g. all image formats) but you only want to see the JPEG-Images.


Here is the solution: type (without the quotes) “*.jpg” into¬† “Filename” textbox and hit “Enter”. Done!

Explanation: the “*” stands for any name so you want to filter any file name with the file type “.jpg”.

How to Disable Subtitles in MKV

Since they are embedded into the MKV files, DirectVobSub is being used to display them.

If you want to disable the subtitles for a single movie you can just right-click the green arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen and click “Hide Subtitles”.

If you want to disable them for every movie you have to right-click, go to DirectVobSub (Autoloader) and under the ‘General’ tab set it to never to load.

How To Fix: “A Disk Read Error Occurred” – “Error Loading Operating System”

“A Disk Read Error Occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart”


“Error Loading Operating System”
This is only one solution because this problem can be caused many reasons.

My symptoms were that I had to restart my computer multiple times after Post-Bios until I could finally start into Windows. Inside Windows, it sometimes locked up when the Hard Drive was under heavy use. I exchanged the cables but it did nothing. Now today I unplugged the Slave Drive and it worked! My Primary Hard Drive (Master) hosts the Operating System and the Secondary Hard Drive (Slave) as a