How to: Uncensor Left 4 Dead 2 (Australian / German Version) With Multiplayer


1. First you will need to download the patch:
Download UnDedPatch v. 3.33

2. Extract the .exe inside the archive to your Steam directory e.g. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam). Launch it and follow the steps.

3. Done!

If you want to disable the patch just delete the Steam.cfg or open it in any text editor and change the line from “BootStrapperInhibitAll=enable” to “BootStrapperInhibitAll=disable”.

How to: Fix Scrolling Bug In Age of Empires 2

I have researched this problem a little bit and it is obvious that it is a conflict with the Microsoft Zune software. My guess is that it has to do with the Zune driver because everything I tried with Process/Services did not work.

Option 1:
Uninstall the Zune software.

Option 2 (if you want to keep the Zune software like me):
Restart your computer but don’t open the Zune software. This bug only occurs after you run the Zune software for the first time.


How to: Dock Windows

This was a new feature added to Windows 7. You can dock images onto three different spots on the screen and they will resize: You can dock the window to the top so it will maximize fully or you can dock them left or right to the screen to make them tile vertically in the middle of the screen.

To do this just grab a window and move it all the way to the top/left/right and let the mouse go again. Making working a lot easier and faster!

How to: Disable UAC (User Accesss Control)

It is basically the same as in Vista but this time Windows 7 has a GUI for it to make things easier and for a higher level of control.

Press WindowsKey + R (or go to Start->Run) and type in “msconfig” (without quotes). Hit Enter.


Go to the Tools Tab, choose “Change UAC Settings” and hit Start.


A new GUI