Status Update

It has been a while since I posted a new article but I have been working a lot in the mean time. I am back in Germany and have less time now, nonetheless things are going really well.

I updated the Minecraft QuickTyper to version 1.3 which added a much requested functionality: Custom shortcut keys. I thought it would be a lot more work but as it turns out, it is really easy in .NET (like most things…). It is the most downloaded application on this website with almost 3000 downloads. I never expected this to be so successful! Thanks a lot for the people that give me feedback on features and bugs.

I am working on two requested tutorials: “Calling Conventions” and how to build a basic skeleton DLL trainer in C++ for injection. Since I want my tutorials to be of certain quality, I take my time thinking on how to optimize them.

Stay tuned for the tutorials.

One thought on “Status Update

  1. Looking forward to your DLL trainer in C++ tutorial.
    Hope you’ll explain it from the perspective of someone who never worked with DLL files before.

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