How to: Fix FreeNAS Failed: Permission denied (publickey,password).

First do a troubleshooting test with the SSH connection as described here:

If a password is requested, follow these steps:

After upgrading FreeNAS it might be possible, that there is no public key assigned to the root user which prevents Replication Tasks from working. The above step should fix that.

How to: Fix Lumia 950 Wireless WLAN Problem

My L950 often stays connected to my router, but has no internet access. When I connect via the 5GHz network, the phone indicates using the IEEE 802.11b protocoll which might be the problem.

Theses steps fixed it for me:

Force L950 to use a 2,4GHz network (do not use same SSID for 5GHz and 2,4GHz otherwise your phone will connect to wrong one!) Make sure it uses b,g or n Optional: Chosing a channel between 1 through 10

How to: Fix YouTube Stuttering / Not Playing Video

Changing the default format for audio (sample rate and depth) fixed the problem for me: Go into Speaker Properties (right click speaker symbol bottom right in your taskbar) for your main speakers and under Advanced change the default format to something else like 16 bit, 48000 Hz.

How to: Microsoft Surface – Mini DisplayPort to HDMI No Sound Fix

In my case I am using this adapter to connect my Surface Pro 3 to various displays / TVs.

Step 1:
Make sure the connected display / TV does support audio over HDMI. Check if another HDMI devices does provide audio on the same HDMI port.

Step 2:
Select your display / TV as the primary audio device in Windows by going to the speaker symbol in the taskbar. Right click -> Sound and make sure your HDMI connection appears and is selected as primary. If it does appear and is selected as the primary device and

How to: Behringer FCB1010 Expression Pedals not Working even after Calibration

First of all you should try to calibrate your Expression Pedals. Already during calibration I noticed, that my Expression Pedals barely changed or did not change the values at all for about 40% of the way. So then I tried a suggestion by orb451 and checked the sensor and the corresponding LED. To do that you need to follow these simple steps. Notice: I do not take any responsibility for any damage at all.


1. We need to open up our Board by unscrewing these 16 screws. Notice that some are longer than others, just keep that

Beautymine – Update 4

Map conversion is now fully finished and I am able to load draw Minecraft chunks. Though the term “Bautymine” is pretty much exaggerated at this point, the terrain is very ugly.